Dr. Ross GreeneDr. Ross Greene

The research tells the tale: CPS makes life a whole lot better for kids and their caregivers!

We all have our bad moments -- times when we have difficulty meeting expectations -- and some kids' "moments" are more frequent and severe than others. But whether a kid is "behaviorally challenging" or not, collaboration is the key to solving problems, improving relationships, and transforming lives. This website connects you to a vast array of resources and links that can help you better understand kids' behavioral challenges and implement the proven, research-based model of care -- now called Collaborative & Proactive Solutions -- Dr. Greene described in his books The Explosive Child, Lost at School, Raising Human Beingsand Lost & Found. The model was recently featured in Mother Jones magazine (read the story).

There are also lots of free resources on the website of Dr. Greene's non-profit, Lives in the Balance as well as trainings to help along the way.