Dr. Ross Greene's model is now called "Collaborative & Proactive Solutions"...

While Dr. Greene originally called his model "Collaborative Problem Solving" -- and referred to his work by that name in his books and scientific papers until 2013 -- he now refers to his model as Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS). 

The name change was prompted by the actions of the "non-profit" Massachusetts General Hospital, which demanded in 2008 that Dr. Greene relinquish his intellectual property (he refused) and took legal steps to prohibit him from referring to his model as "Collaborative Problem Solving." Handing his model over to a large hospital conglomerate was inconceivable, but, after five years of litigation in federal court, the endgame was, shockingly, achieved: since 2008, MGH has been marketing a product called "Collaborative Problem Solving" through its "Think:Kids" program, even though neither MGH nor the director of that program, Stu Ablon (who was been found by a federal jury to have infringed on Dr. Greene's copyrights) had any involvement in originating or developing Dr. Greene’s approach.

Confused? Let's clear things up:
- Dr. Greene has not been associated with "Think:Kids" or MGH since 2008
- Dr. Greene is not associated with Ablon or any other individuals who are providing workshops and training on and marketing “Collaborative Problem Solving”

- Dr. Greene does not approve of what MGH and Ablon have done with his work nor the way in which they've gone about doing it

Many other professionals have found it necessary to leave "Think:Kids" over the past five years, including David Whelan, Larry Epstein, Martina Albright, Tai Katzenstein, Beth Edelstein, and Kim Molino.

Dr. Greene feels strongly that his model should be trained and disseminated with fidelity -- so that it helps kids and caregivers well into the future -- and that individuals and institutions that are disseminating his work should conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with the principles of the model. That's why he founded Lives in the Balance, an actual non-profit organization through which he disseminates his Collaborative & Proactive Solutions model. The Lives in the Balance website contains a vast array of free resources for people who want to learn more about the CPS model, and Lives in the Balance provides affordable consultation and training on the model to schools, treatment facilities, and other organizations.

Dr. Greene does not receive any income from Lives in the Balance.

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Ablon and "Think:Kids" continue to improperly cite the research on Dr. Greene’s model as evidence of the effectiveness of the product they are calling "Collaborative Problem Solving" (here are the screen shots from the Think:Kids website research page): Study 1 Study 2

MGH continues to conflate its product ("Collaborative Problem Solving") with Dr. Greene's model (see this article that appeared in MGH’s Proto magazine in 2015)

Ablon continues to refer to himself as "co-creator" of Collaborative Problem Solving (see this flyer advertising a workshop in New York City)

Ethical complaint filed against Ablon with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Psychology Licensing Board An ethical complaint was filed against Dr. Ablon with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Registration of Psychologists, Division of Professional Licensure (click here). While the Board did not find that the factual allegations in the complaint were untrue, remarkably, it took no disciplinary action. Under Massachusetts General Law, all complaints, correspondence, and materials related to this complaint are a matter of public record.