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For a vast array of free resources, visit Lives in the Balance. But here are things you can buy.

Book: The Explosive Child (5th edition)

Dr. Greene’s influential, highly acclaimed guide for parents of kids with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges — originally published in 1998 — is now available in a completely revised and updated fifth edition!

“This book saved our family.” (Amazon reviewer)

El libro (en Español): El Niño Explosivo

Finally available in North America, here’s The Explosive Child  in Spanish!

Book: Lost at School (2nd edition)

Lost at School has transformed thinking and practices in countless schools all over the world since it was released in 2009. And it’s now available in a completely updated and revised second edition!

“If you are a real teacher (or principal or dean) in a real school, this humane and engaging book will surprise you with its combination of practicality and idealism. It will inspire you to change things and to believe in the possibility of change.” (Amazon reviewer)

Book: Raising Human Beings

In Raising Human Beings, Dr. Greene describes how the CPS model can be applied to parenting all kids.  It turns out that all kids need help meeting certain expectations and all kids need to develop the skills that are crucial for displaying the more positive side of human nature. And all parents need help knowing how to accomplish these missions.

“I found the flow and style of Dr. Greene’s writing to be soothing, inspiring, and very easy to follow. While a lot of his previous work has focused on behaviorally challenging kids, this book reads more like a philosophy for all parents in how we raise, treat, and understand our kids. Actually, the message in this book speaks to all people, not just parents, as I’m sure we all know certain people in our lives — such as extended family, teachers, CEOs, politicians — who could benefit from learning to communicate more effectively, demonstrate empathy, and resolve disagreements without conflict. I think this will be a real game changer for us, not only in how we parent day to day, but in thinking forward to the influence we want to have as our children gain independence and interaction with the community and world around them.” (Amazon reviewer)

“This is the best, and most logical approach to parenting I’ve ever read…and the basics agree with me on a deeper human level…so I am so pleased to have found this gem! The process works well beyond parenting…and can inform any dust up life throws our way…so I can’t recommend this tremendous book any higher! The best of the best!” (Amazon reviewer)

Book: Lost and Found

Lost and Found is the followup to Lost at School, and contains all the recent revisions and updates to the CPS model, additional details on using the ALSUP and Plan B and organizing the effort in a school, and commentary and tips from educators who’ve implemented the model in their schools.

“I am so incredibly grateful that this new book came out. One thing I have found to be the most difficult is explaining this process to teachers and giving them the language to use in these conversations, as they are so used to using Plan A with kids. The language in this book has improved dramatically and I feel as though I can go back to my school with a clear and more direct way of using this with kids.” (Amazon reviewer)

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Book: Opening Our Arms

In this book, Kathy Regan, RN, describes how the CPS model was implemented on a child and adolescent inpatient psychiatry unit…with dramatic results.

“Positive change can happen in even the most entrenched systems. This book should be required reading for those among us who have ever wondered if there was a better way to do things.” (Amazon reviewer)

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DVD: Transforming School Discipline

If you’re looking for a great overview of the CPS model and its applications in schools, this video is a good place to start!